Black and White Truffle Honey – 4.23 OZ (120 gr)


Truffle honey is the most exotic ingredient of the modern gourmet kitchen. Adding truffle honey will enhance any dish, savory or sweet. It is used to lighten and balance sharp foods, such as salty mountain cheeses and cured meats, and does wonders as a contrasting ingredient in other dishes.

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 Truffle Honey- A Blend of Rare Ingredients

We make Black and White Truffle Honey from blending white and black truffles to acacia-honey. Both ingredients are local to the town of Alba, Italy.

Acaccia honey celebrated for its light sweetness,  ideally complements the truffle’s pungent aroma.

Therefore the blend clearly balances the sweet and delicate with earthy mushroom flavors.

Cooking Suggestions: 

Cheese Trays: 

  • Place cubes of gorgonzola, Piedmont Robiola, Piedmont Tuma, parmesan, sharp cheddar, and brie cheeses on a tray and drizzle with truffle honey. Add grissini, prosciutto pâté, toasted bread and grapes on the side;
  • Place slices of Roquefort, goat cheese, camembert, Grana Padano, and manchego cheeses on a tray and drizzle with truffle honey. Add toasted baguette, melon slices, and foie gras on the side. 

Also great on:

  • Salads with feta cheese; 
  • Fruit salads (w/o citrus juice);
  • Banana with parmesan;
  • Of course, to finish with our favorite blend, a mixed dish of dry nuts it’s absolutely excellent with Truffle Honey.

such as:




•Marcona Almonds.

•Macadamia Nuts.



Bake the nuts for 5 to 10 minutes, before it gets cold, drizzle the truffle honey while still warm.


  • The crazy idea:

First, melt parmesan cheese in a pan, immediately after add white truffle honey. Secondly, let the dish cool until it becomes crunchy, lastly, drizzle it again with truffle honey, and serve cold.

Truffle Honey Storage

Truffle honey has a shelf life of two years, therefore it can be enjoyed when truffles are not in season.

Do not refrigerate.

Last but not least store it in a dry place away from sunlight.

Wine Pairing

Following some Italian traditions, cheese trays are served toward the end of the meal, just before coffee or grappa. In this case, the best wines are Passito, Barolo Chinato, or even vermouth with an orange. 

If the cheese is served before the meal, smooth and silky red wine is your best pairing choice. Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti, Barbaresco, and Nebbiolo wonderfully enhance the flavor bouquet. Also great are cabernet sauvignon and other Napa Valley blends of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, and Shiraz.